Taking TV innovation to web speed:
an eBook


“If our people have a clever idea, I can implement that in a couple of days.”
- Pedro Miguel Bandeira, Head of Product Development for TV, Internet and Voice, NOS


The TV industry is being shaken by the opportunities and threats of Over-the-Top (OTT). To stay relevant and keep up with the increasing pace of innovation, operators need to be as agile in their internal organization as they are with their product offering.

For this eBook, Ben Schwarz and Philip Hunter interviewed industry leaders, including Nokia, to understand how they have achieved organizational agility while containing costs and risk. The key success factors they uncovered are:

  • A single point of control and responsibility for systems integration
  • For established players, a solution to carry legacy systems along without restricting development, turning weakness into opportunity
  • A best-of-breed ecosystem to embrace emerging innovation enabled by development and operational processes such as DevOps and SRE


“New approaches to development can bring TV innovation from operator speed to web speed with the right systems integration.”
- Ben Schwarz, Founder of CTO Innovation Consulting