Creating a telco-grade cloud data center


Creating a telco-grade cloud data center

Nokia Data Center Services

The data center is the most important element of the telco cloud. But complexities that are unique to the telco world, such as 5-nines service levels, latency and throughput, legacy and multivendor infrastructure, create some intricate deployment challenges.

Join this webinar to hear Roz Roseboro, senior analyst with Heavy Reading, explain the most important challenges that you need to consider. Roz will focus on operator strategies and present real-world telco data center deployments. Guenter Achter, head of data center services program for Nokia, will explore services that are available to help you get your data center online quickly and help smooth the transition to a cloud infrastructure.

Topics Covered

  • Critical considerations for telco data centers
  • Common deployment challenges
  • Data center deployment case studies
  • Accelerating time-to-value
  • The Nokia Data Center Services portfolio


Roz Roseboro

Senior analyst

Heavy Reading

Roz’s research focuses on how innovation and change are impacting the compute, network and storage infrastructure domains within data centers of telecom operators. She monitors trends such as how open source is impacting the development process for telecom, and how telco data centers are transforming to support SDN, NFV and cloud.

Guenter Achter

Head of data center services


Guenter is a senior leader of Nokia telco cloud services strategy and business with long lasting Systems Integration experience. His focus in on investments in the right capabilities, tools, labs and automation processes to design, deliver and maintain bespoke data centers supporting Nokia customers on their transformation journey to the cloud.

Jai Thattil

Head of marketing systems integration and cloud services


Jai spearheads Nokia’s marketing activities in the area of Systems Integration and cloud services. He views cloud as the game changer in the connected world and drives evolution towards Internet of Things and 5G. He holds an MBA in strategy and marketing from Manchester Business School and has held various consulting and marketing positions.

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