Deliver proactive care for the broadband home experience using analytics

Telecommunications service providers deliver residential services, such as data (internet), voice and TV services, using highly available service delivery infrastructure and communications networks. Home devices and home networks represent the residential portion of the end-to-end service delivery architecture.

According to industry analysts, around 70 percent of the service problems that residential customers report to the help desks of operators originate from the access and home network. DSL, for example, causes an average of three trouble calls per year per subscriber, at least half of which come from the customer premises. More than 50 percent of all trouble calls are related to Wi-Fi, a vital element of the connected home experience. When faced with a service-impacting problem, some customers may choose to get help by calling the service provider’s customer care center, however, others may silently churn, switching their service to another provider without calling. Improving the reliability and level of care for the residential portion of the delivery system is, as a result, critical. The goal is to proactively solve residential issues before the customer is even aware of them or, when it can’t be avoided, to provide customer care agents with optimized workflows that troubleshoot customer issues as quickly and accurately as possible when they do call.

Topics Covered

The award-winning researchers at Bell Labs have built on industry best practices and years of direct operational experience to develop analytic solutions that make proactive care a very real and profitable possibility. To discover how, please register for the webinar entitled “Deliver proactive care for the broadband home experience using analytics.” Some of the topics will include:

  • How to ensure that your DSL loops deliver the quality and stability you need to succeed with high-speed internet and triple-play services
  • How to identify optical power drops of newly installed ONTs and reduce customer calls, including those related to ONT software version issues and HD video failures caused by physical fiber issues
  • How to detect a statistical call anomaly and trigger proactive resolution workflows for network service degradations and outage degradations
  • How to monetize insights from the DSL network to increase the overall value of broadband services
  • How to shift reactive customer care processes towards a proactive approach to care for home broadband and converged services
  • Home Analytics shift reactive customer care processes towards a proactive approach to care for home broadband and converged services
  • Heuristics and machine learning algorithms from Bell Labs predict home network problems using a diverse set of data sources.


Puneet Dhar

Director of Product Management


Puneet Dhar is the Director of Product Management at Nokia leading the Home, Access and Care Analytics products. In various R&D and Product leadership roles Puneet has helped customers achieve operational excellence in the areas of Network Management, Device Management and in the use of Analytics to improve Customer Experience.

Huseyin Uzunalioglu

Director of the Data Science Research Group

Nokia Bell Labs

Huseyin Uzunalioglu is the Director of the Data Science Research Group in Nokia Bell Labs. His focus is on solving challenging industry problems with innovative statistical and machine learning techniques. Huseyin has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Rhodo Odysseos

CXS Product Marketing


Rhodo is the Marketing Manager of Customer eXperience Solutions (CXS) in all facets of call center, self and proactive care/analytics. She is an active member of CETS and BMMA. Rhodo holds an Computer Science from the Electrotechnical University of Prague and can provide remarkable dialogue in English, Portuguese, Greek and Czech.

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