Re-imagining the airport network for 2020 and beyond

Enabling network flexibility, agility, and speed with IP/MPLS

The future is now: A blueprint for taking the airport communications infrastructure to 2020 and beyond

Today’s airports are like small cities. Millions of passengers pass through them each year, interacting with hundreds of enterprises, government agencies, and public safety organizations. With that kind of traffic, the stakes for airport operators are high.

Air traffic is projected to grow. So you need to prepare your infrastructure for growth as well, toward 2020 and beyond. To do that, you need to transform your communications network from a costly, unwieldy collection of different architectures into a converged, cost-effective model that can evolve as you move into the future.

In this strategic whitepaper, you’ll find a blueprint for your migration to a service-aware, converged IP/MPLS network that lets you meet future growth in demand – without compromising the performance of your mission-critical applications.