Calculating the costs of DAA

Exclusive Nokia Bell Labs research compares three Distributed Access Architectures for capacity, cost, and energy advantages

Satisfying the insatiable consumer hunger for bandwidth has MSOs looking for smart ways to scale their networks. Distributed Access Architectures (DAAs) are widely acknowledged as the best approach for increasing capacity and efficiency. However, there are three different flavors of DAA to consider:

  • CCAP Core + Remote PHY (CCAP Core RPD)
  • Virtual CMTS + Remote PHY (vCMTS RPD)
  • Virtual CMTS + Remote MACPHY (vCMTS RMD)

In this exclusive white paper, Bell Labs presents an economic analysis of these approaches to compare them against today’s centralized architectures. One of these architectures shows an 89% energy saving, 12% CAPEX saving and 32% OPEX saving compared to traditional CCAP.

Download the paper to find out which one, and start planning the right DAA approach for you.