Cloud-native architecture: The foundation for 5G NGC


Lay the foundation for 5G NGC with a cloud-native architecture

Every generation of technology brings forth new and improved services that previously were not technically feasible or were impractical to deliver. 5G is the next generation of technology that will revolutionize how we live, work, play and relate to each other. It will provide massive connectivity to billions of things, forming a global nervous system network.

But to deliver 5G, fundamental changes to network architecture will be needed. The network requires cloud capabilities for a more agile and distributed core architecture, to provide the necessary flexibility, scalability, programmability and automation. In this white paper, learn about:

  • How a cloud-native core network achieves faster service definition and delivery.
  • 5G New Radio and next-generation core architectures to address diverse service requirements
  • How flexible network slicing will support diverse use cases in an optimized manner