Discover a new way to build networks with next generation radio

Discover a new way to build networks with Nokia’s next generation radio


Networks for the 5G era will look very different and must deliver ultra-low latency, huge connectivity and extreme capacity to support a vast number of new use cases. They must be supremely flexible, able to run all radio technologies and new frequencies, and all with the lowest energy consumption to meet intense pressure for low carbon emissions.

It’s a big task but we explain how it can be done in our webinar entitled “Discover a new way to build networks with Nokia’s next generation radio”. Please register for the webinar to discover how these requirements can be met by next generation radio networks that will help you to prepare for the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. Some of the questions we’ll answer include:

  • Why will changing and unpredictable demands mean radio networks must be rethought?
  • Why will the demands of LTE-Advanced Pro, IoT and 5G require a more flexible network with unified access?
  • How can traditional RAN architecture evolve to Centralized and Cloud-based RAN architecture?
  • How can networks be built with substantially lower energy consumption?


Phil Twist

Vice President, Mobile Networks Marketing


Phil Twist, VP Mobile Networks Marketing, who leads a team that markets Nokia’s broad range of mobile broadband infrastructure solutions, services and technology innovations. Phil has extensive experience working with operators to optimize their investments and develop their business.

Kai Sahala

Head of Radio Marketing, Mobile Networks


Kai Sahala, Head of Radio Marketing, Mobile Networks, who is responsible for Mobile Broadband Marketing at Nokia and specializes in the radio access sector. Kai has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki and more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications.

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