Government Broadband plan:  5 key policy measures which proved to make a difference

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5 Key Policy Measures That Boost National Broadband Plan Performance

Despite more than 135 national broadband plans across the globe, only 43% of the world population is connected today. To stay competitive in this digitalized world, governments urgently need to emphasize the right policy measures that will make their broadband plans successful and boost broadband adoption. But what really works?

To answer this burning question, Nokia with Diffraction Analysis, conducted an in depth study of 35 national broadband plans, and found 5 key policy measures that proved to make a difference.

Topics Covered

In this joint live webinar, Diffraction Analysis and Nokia will discuss:

  • Research and outcomes from the study,
  • Best practices, providing concrete example of initiatives taken by some countries and results achieved,
  • How governments can leverage these findings to sharpen their broadband plans.

Who Should Attend?

The webinar is intended for professionals from governments, telecom regulators or financial institutions working on the definition and implementation of national broadband plans.


Benoit Felten

Chief Research Officer

Diffraction Analysis

Olivier Duroyon

Head of Government Segment


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