Bell Labs Consulting Mobility Study: Who will satisfy the desire to consume?

Bell Labs Consulting Mobility Study: Who will satisfy the desire to consume?

How will the mobile market grow between now and 2020 and how should mobile operators respond?

In April 2016, Bell Labs Consulting issued its inaugural mobility report. The groundbreaking report offered mobile operators and other industry stakeholders a unique perspective on the demand for mobile capacity through 2020 and beyond. By concentrating on people’s desire to consume digital content and services - rather than focusing only on mobile traffic trends - the report revealed just how much potential demand is available for mobile operators to address.

This one-hour webinar is a unique opportunity to discuss insights from the study with members of the Bell Labs Consulting team who conducted the analysis. The Bell Labs team will share a summary readout and analysis from the report, and will discuss the key conclusions and transformational strategies that will be required to unlock a mobile operator’s greatest opportunity. This webinar will be a key tool to help understand the challenges and choices about when and how to evolve, by how much, and at what cost, with a high level of confidence and understanding of the levels of data growth that will need to be supported.

Topics Covered

    • How would mobile device users behave if cost was no longer a constraint?
    • What if consumers and businesses had the same anywhere, anytime access, to convenient affordable technologies that home users do?
    • How much demand will there be for mobile operators to address — and what would they need to do so successfully?


Subra Prakash

Principal, New Platforms, Models & Optimization

Bell Labs Consulting, Nokia

Subra has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, consulting, and academia. His expertise is in developing planning models, predictive models, forecasting models, macroeconomic analysis, and in conducting network economic analysis. His main areas of focus are cloud services and platforms, economics of network function virtualization, network/emerging technology monetization, and emerging services and applications.

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