Shifting to Any Vision: a dramatic transformation for TV operators lies ahead

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A highly personalized future of television is coming with significant implications for operators.

Driven by innovative new technologies, the television and video industry is on the cusp of a remarkable paradigm shift. Nokia is predicting a massive transformation that will take us from television of today to Any Vision in about a decade. Sweeping in its implications, Any Vision flags both opportunities and major challenges for TV operators.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • Key predictions driving the Any Vision concept
  • How the new consumer experience will create unprecedented opportunities
  • Technological breakthroughs needed at the architectural and system levels to fulfill this bold vision
  • The road forward – building blocks, breakthroughs, and infrastructure to get from television to Any Vision

This paper shows that by embracing the many changes anticipated; and making the right decisions now, operators can be ready to reap the significant benefits of the Any Vision world.

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