Any Vision – The Highly Personalized Future of Television

A bold prediction for video over the next decade from Nokia

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By 2025 the consumer’s television experience will be unrecognizable: personal, immersive, dynamic, unrestricted, and continuous. Get the full story.

Any Vision is Nokia’s inspiring glimpse at the future of television about a decade from now. Driven by groundbreaking technological change, we see a highly personalized future of television. Any Vision heralds an unprecedented transformation that will have a dramatic impact on consumers and operators alike.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • The key predictions driving the Any Vision concept
  • Why the consumer experience will fundamentally change
  • How screen surfaces will untether users
  • Content personalization and curated content experiences
  • The democratization of content through branded content from anyone
  • What consumers will expect from operators

This thoughtful white paper makes bold predictions. By making the right decisions now, you can be ready for a future with limitless opportunities.